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  • Our concept

    We are committed to Product, Environment and Hospitality. We support the use of local fresh produce and each dish is prepared from scratch with love and passion. We believe in sustainability, not as an abstract concept but as a conscious daily choice.



        The bulk of our produce is sourced from local farms using sustainable growing and harvesting methods. We give priority to naturally grown fruits and vegetables.



        The meat we serve comes from vegetarian diets animals, treated humanely. Our poultry and their eggs are free range.



        All of our seafood follows three guidelines; wild, fresh and local. Line caught is also a priority and we support the local by-catch fisheries when ever possible.


    Nothing we are doing is new — on the contrary, we are returning to a simpler way of cooking based on our Italian traditions adding our spark of creativity.

    We have stopped asking, “What is new?” and started asking, “What is best?”


Laura and Jake Ferrari

Dear Roberta and All,

My husband, myself, and my family would like to take a minute to thank you all for our spectacular event on Friday evening as we are now just catching our breath! It was pure PERFECTION! Everything was delicious and the front patio area was a hit and exactly the way we envisioned spending the evening! We were able to mingle and share good times, and great food, and create memories with our family, and loved ones! Everyone was enchanted and fell in love with Piazza and will be back I am sure (as will we)! Grazie!


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